Rain Shelter 2021

Please watch and support for Poor People of Bhopal in Rain Shelter Distribution.

Grocery Distribution : Report 12april to 19may 2021

Grocery Distribution : Report 12april to 19may 2021

Ramadan Distribution 2021

Ramadan Distribution 2021

2021 Ramadan ration distribution

Alhamdulillah, we have distributed 410 Grocery Ration packet till 18 April 2021 and distribution is going on.

2021 Ramadan Ration

2021 Ramadan ration by Hep for Humanity, Bhopal

Annual Survey March-2021

Every year in the month of March we did the survey and collect the data.
On the basis of Survey we help to needy people and families by food, health, education and business support.

Special Food Packet 03 feb 2019

Special Food Packets (Ready to Eat) distributed in Bhopal Slum on 03 February 2019. Total 56 Cooked food distributed under this Event.

Clothes Distribution

Please come forward and become the part of this CAMPAIGN [ Event Date – 14 October 2018 ]

Kerala Emergency Flood Relief

Kerala Flood – Emergency Flood Relief
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